Toonly Character List

  For video creators,  Global TTS  has created a table of all stock character images and their actions for Toonly in an easily searchable format.  Check it out!

Powtoon Character List

For video creators, Global TTS has created a table of all stock character images for Powtoon in an easily searchable format. Check it out!

Downloadable Text to Lifelike Speech Including Foreign Language Translations

Global TTS  was established in 2021 to help animators and videographers to quickly create lifelike voice narration from text, especially foreign language translations. Using Google AI Wavenet technology, over 90 different human-sounding voices are available in over 30 different languages. Audio generation from text supplied by the user is totally free, but costs $1.50 to download ($3 for translations). Unlike most TTS companies, no subscriptions are required! An additional feature Global TTS offers is the ability to  create a character that can lip sync  any custom narration that a user supplies.